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Valente’s distinctive quality, exquisite designs and expert craftsmanship ensures that each piece sparkles with splendour.

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Valente is known for custom jewellery so stunning it rivals the most acclaimed brand names. With originally sourced and shot photography, updated branding, and the addition of an online shop, Valente finally has an online presence that represents the quality of work that they produce.

More Revenue

An online shop adds a new revenue stream for Valente’s business and one that does not have the restrictions of its brick and mortar counterpart (for example, users can buy swanky diamonds at 2 am, in their underwear.)

More Credibaility

Buying jewellery is often a big investment, so it helps that Valente has a long history of great success. To leverage this, we developed an extensive about us section that highlights their most notable accomplishments and emphasizes the credibility behind their name.

More Conversions

To increase the number of quality incoming leads, we designed custom forms built for different actions. A user can use one to book an appointment for a consultation, or another to opt-in to a newsletter and subscribe to notifications of future products or promotions.

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