Digital Food Supply Chain

Pepper offers the easiest way for restaurant operators to place orders, chat with suppliers, and organize invoices all together in one mobile app.

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Dress To Impress

In true start-up fashion, things with Pepper were moving fast. Luckily, our Webhaven wizards were able to whip up some wonderful work (say that fast ten times). Check out these mockups designed to showcase the depth of the apps’ features and widespread availability across devices.

Lower Bounce Rate

Pepper comes jam-packed with tons of perks. However, it can be a lot for their visitors to digest. So we developed animated tabbed sections that break down the information into well thought out bite-sized pieces.

Increase Leads

When introducing any new type of service, it’s only natural for visitors to have some q’s. So we developed an in-depth, frequently asked questions section to nip them in the bud.

More Downloads

With the launch of their site Pepper had one goal in mind – get more app downloads. So we put together a smart little pop-up with triggers (like leaving the website, for example) that directs the user to their download page in the app store.

And of course, as with all of our websites, it resizes flawlessly

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