National Flower Distributor

Bloomstar has expanded Nationwide and is on it’s way to becoming the countries largest fresh flower distributor.

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Increase Your Value

More than just a pretty pedal, Bloomstar offers perks such as in-store quality assurance reps and staff member training. Bloomstar’s services far succeed that of their competitors, so we made sure to develop a services section that highlights that.

Promote Your Products

An in-depth product catalogue makes promoting Bloomstar’s current product lines a breeze. In Bloomstars next web release, we’ll build this out even further, allowing users to view the existing stock of a product as well as place orders for them.

Educate Your Visitors

When offering a product like fresh flowers, it’s only natural for visitors to have some q’s. So we developed an in-depth, frequently asked questions section to nip them in the bud.

Tell Your Story

Bloomstar is a Canadian, family-owned operation, with close ties to their communities nationwide. To help get their story out there, we developed engaging sections such as an animated timeline marking their milestones as well as a “meet the team” section, complete with team member bios.

Share Your Success

Consumers trust each other more than they believe in marketing collateral. Customer testimonials help create a deeper, more emotional appeal for your brand, which does more in terms of building trust than you could ever do on your own.

Grow Your Team

With multiple locations nationwide, you will find job postings for Bloomstar on every popular job board. However, having their own dedicated careers section helps them educate potential candidates about all the great benefits of working for their company offers.

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